S-World was established from the desire to bring Vietnamese Youth, Beauty and Culture to the world. Having a variety of experience interacting with European education system, S-World realized that Vietnamese education system has numerous limitations. European students are confident to show their opinions and personality, but their Vietnamese counterparts are shy to so. This makes S-World build a no-boring-textbook environment where students feel free to express their thinking and personal styles. Through our activities, participants will find their answer to questions: “Who am I? “, “What potentials do I have”. Also, being a bridge to bring Vietnamese young generation to the world, we wish that they will change the country to become modern and developed in the future.



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Traditional or Modern: What kind of woman are you?

“Traditional” and “modern” seem like two completely contrasting words without a context. Nevertheless, speaking of the characteristics of women nowadays, we can find fascinating intersections. In today’s world, can you retain the traditional values and what are those values? Let’s discover how to define “traditional” and “modern” women throughout the time. In the Orient, there … Continue reading Traditional or Modern: What kind of woman are you?

Delicate views on women of the past and present.

In the evening of October 19, Talkshow – Women of the past and present was organized by S-World Vietnam on the special occasion honoring the beauty of Vietnamese women. Although the length of the show wasn’t too long, it made the audiences and guests felt through different emotions: from the vibrant performances, exciting discussions between … Continue reading Delicate views on women of the past and present.

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